Hostal German 1806 rent 4 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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A beautiful colonial house in the Monument area of ​​the city of Trinidad, converted into accommodation for foreign tourists. Commercially named as Hostal German 1806, it has 4 rooms for the rental of a house without family, totally independent. Located very close to the main art galleries, the Plaza Mayor, the most emblematic restaurants and other tourist attractions. With a maximum capacity to host 9 people and the privacy that guests have, this house is very much in demand. Three of the rooms are located on the first level of the house and another on the second level. Each one has its own bathroom, inside, with a permanent supply of cold and hot water. The bathrooms also include the necessary elements for personal hygiene such as soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper.
The owners, although they do not live in the house, are available to help and coordinate excursions to valleys, rivers, beaches and recommend the best places to visit in the village. They suggest trusted guides that accompany the different activities for which they are requested. Book in this house and enjoy a pleasant stay in this beautiful city, do not stop recommending it to your friends.

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