Hostal Misleidis y Gustavo rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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The hostel Misleidis y Gustavo is a private house that sells rooms for foreign tourists in Trinidad, Cuba. It has become one of the most requested and recommended private lodging houses due to the quality of the service, the security and the comfort of the rooms. It is located on Mercedes Street, just 50 m from the colonial train station that offers walks to the Valle de los Ingenios; is also very close to the Carrillo square where the main shopping centers and the telephone service and Wi-Fi are located. It disposes for the rent of 2 air-conditioned rooms with entrance is independent from the street. Located on the second level of the house, which is for the exclusive use of guests, where there are terraces, a refrigerator and a TV in an area common to both rooms. The rooms are very well ventilated with wall fans and have large windows that ensure good comfort to guests. Each room has its own private bathroom, with a permanent supply of cold and hot water, as well as the indispensable items for personal hygiene such as soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper. There is wifi service inside the house.
Misleidis and Gustavo, the hosts, are very friendly people, respect the privacy of guests but are always available to help and suggest the best places to visit in the villa and its surroundings. In addition, at the request of their clients they contact city guides and for excursions to beaches, rivers and nearby valleys. The telephone of the house can be used free of charge for local calls and to guarantee the next destination.

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