Hostal Olga & Dionisio rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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One of the most central rental houses in the city of Trinidad is the hostel Olga and Dionisio. Located just 30 m from the Plaza Carrillo, ETECSA which is a provider of wireless Internet services and telephony. Also very close to the currency exchange offices CADECA and the main shopping centers of the town. The family has prepared 2 spacious air-conditioned rooms and has created all possible conditions to allow a pleasant stay for the guests staying in this house. The bathrooms have been designed within each room, allowing for greater privacy to guests, have permanent supply of hot and cold water. All items required for personal hygiene are provided free of charge, eg soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper.
Olga and Dionisio, the hosts help their guests in the management of guide, coordinate excursions, horseback riding to the valleys and rivers near the city. The home phone can be used at no additional cost to make local calls and to secure the next destination. Book in this house, enjoy an exceptional family and city.

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Olga Lidia Baltrons Medinilla Autor de Hostal Olga & Dionisio rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.
Olga Lidia Baltrons Medinilla

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La Habana, Camaguey, Cuba

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