Hostal Cari y familia rent 3 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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Located next to the tobacco factory, very close to the colonial train station, the hostel Cari and family share their house for rent of 3 rooms. One is located on the first level of the house and the rest on the second level with a capacity for accommodation for 11 guests. Upon arrival guests are offered a free fruit cocktail reception and are now treated as new members of the family. The cordiality and security offered by the hosts is remarkable from the first meeting. All rooms are air-conditioned, they also have wall-mounted fans and windows that allow the entrance of a very pleasant cool breeze.
Sarahi, the hostess, is a professional in Nursing and General Medicine, she is very friendly, she guides and helps her guests to spend an unforgettable stay in the city of Trinidad and in particular in the house. The home phone can be used free of charge for local calls and to secure the next destination. Book rooms with this family, report your arrival time and will be expected at the point of arrival if you wish.

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Yarahi GarcĂ­a Groning

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La Habana, Camaguey, Cuba

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