Hostal La Caña, independent house for rent in Trinidad, Cuba.

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The Hostal La Caña is an independent house, without family, located in Chanzoneta street, very close to Plaza Santa Ana and all the tourist attractions that surround it. It is also easily accessible to the Monument area, nightclubs and other facilities most demanded by tourists who visit the city. The house rents 2 air-conditioned rooms with split, they have wall fans and several windows that allow to enjoy a pleasant natural ventilation. Each room has a minibar, TV and a private indoor bathroom, with a permanent supply of hot and cold water. Both are provided with everything you need for personal hygiene such as soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper. There are ample terraces on all levels of the house, although the third level is the preferred one that allows to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings, including the sunset on the horizon of the Caribbean Sea.
Idianis and the rest of the family, who live in the second level of the house, help in the management of city guides and for horseback riding to rivers and the beautiful valleys that abound in the area. They also help in managing the next destination. Although the rental house has a kitchen and dining room, on request the clients provide gastronomic and laundry services. Reserve this house today, tomorrow it may not be available because of the high demand they have.

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Idianis Benavides Miranda Autor de Hostal La Caña, independent house for rent in Trinidad, Cuba.
Idianis Benavides Miranda

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