Hostal Casa Yeya rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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A rental house full of recreational options for tourists is the hostel Casa Yeya. Located in a quiet neighborhood, with paved streets, surrounded by beautiful houses for rent and very quiet due to the little traffic. Available for rent, we have prepared 2 spacious and air-conditioned rooms, both on the ground floor of the house. Both have split, TV with national channels and windows. The bathrooms are within each room and have hot and cold water service permanently. Also within each room is an assorted mini-bar with beers, soft drinks and bottled water. Within the entire area of ​​the residence there is Wi-Fi service, which provides 1 hour free for each day booked, and if you wish to continue using this service you can do so by paying the nationally established rate. Leonor and the rest of the hosts lend table games like domino, chess, decks and others for the enjoyment of the clients.

A large terrace on the second level has chairs and a rocking chair or swing, where you can enjoy cocktails and an exceptional panoramic view of the city. The hosts speak several languages ​​such as English, French, Italian and German, which together with their vast knowledge of the city, their stories and legends can make your visit a unique encounter with the museum city of the Caribbean. The telephone of the house can be used free of charge for local calls and to guarantee the next destination.

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Leonor Pons Miranda

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La Habana, Camaguey, Cuba

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