Hostal Hermanos Santaella rent 7 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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Hostal Santaella is located in the historical center of the city, opposite the offices of the Conservative of the city of Trinidad. This lodging house is a family house that has 7 rooms, spacious and comfortable, some on the first level and others on the second with a total capacity for 22 people. Each room has its own private bathroom, with hot and cold water supply, provided with everything necessary for personal hygiene. The house has terraces in second and third with restaurant service, where you can enjoy the delicious dishes and cocktails offered by the house and exceptional panoramic views of the whole city and its surroundings. The hosts offer one hour of free wifi for each day booked. They also provide a tour service and transfer to other tourist destinations in Cuba with 2 modern cars, and if they request they collect their guests at the bus station free of charge on the day of arrival.

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Yasmara Santaella Basulto Autor de Hostal Hermanos Santaella rent 7 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.
Yasmara Santaella Basulto

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