Casa Hospedaje Alayn Enrique rent 1 room in Trinidad, Cuba.

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The lodging house Alayn Enrique is located very close to the colonial train station and Carrillo square. Inside this family house you will rent a heated room, in the first level with capacity to accommodate 3 people maximum. Guests have a private bathroom inside the room, with a permanent supply of hot and cold water; As well as having everything you need for personal hygiene such as soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper. A beautiful courtyard allows you to relax and socialize with the hosts, who respect privacy, but are always available to help and recommend the best places to visit in the villa and its surroundings. At the request of guests, gastronomic offers such as breakfast and dinner are prepared. The house has a landline which can be used free of charge by guests for local calls and to guarantee the next destination.


Room description 1 (first level)
Number of beds: 2
Bed type: 1 Double, 1 Single
Private terrace, split, wall-mounted fan, refrigerator, TV, table with lamp between beds, 1 window.
Private bathroom with shower, with hot and cold water, hair dryer, soap, shampoo, towels and toilet paper provided.
Maximum capacity: 3 people


Room rates
Months in which it considers the low season:
01 may - 30 jun
01 sep - 31 oct
Low price 2 people: 20 cuc
0 cuc for each additional
Months in which it considers the high season:
01 nov - 30 apr
01 jul - 31 aug
Prices in high 2 people: 30 cuc
0 cuc for each additional

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Alayn Enrique Barrueta Fernandez Autor de Casa Hospedaje Alayn Enrique rent 1 room in Trinidad, Cuba.
Alayn Enrique Barrueta Fernandez

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Vendedor: Alayn Enrique Barrueta Fernandez
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La Habana, Camaguey, Cuba

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