Hostal Companioni rent 3 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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Jorge Luis has turned his house into a beautiful rental accommodation for foreign tourists. With an identifying name for the Companioni host business, which is the host's own name, it is located only 3 blocks from Carrillo Square which is the city center. With several years of experience, this family rents 3 private heated rooms, each with a private indoor bathroom with permanent hot and cold water, plus soap, towels, shampoo and toilet paper. With a total capacity of 11 guests, make it an ideal destination for large groups of friends or large families. The house has a beautiful terrace on the second level that allows you to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the whole villa and its surroundings, including the Caribbean Sea on the horizon with unrepeatable sunsets that you can carry in souvenir photos. There is a refrigerator in a common area for all rooms, assortment of soft drinks, beers and bottled water.
The son of Jorge Luis is a professional painter, graduated from professional schools, a long curriculum of exhibitions, as well as having his own gallery where he exhibits and sells his works of art. The family helps coordinate excursions, guided tours of the city, transportation for walks to the beach, etc. Book in this house and you will live a beautiful experience.

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Jorge Luis Companioni Pérez Autor de Hostal Companioni rent 3 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.
Jorge Luis Companioni Pérez

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Vendedor: Jorge Luis Companioni Pérez
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