Luxury House in Havana Cuba. Villa Don Teto

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Our lodging "Villa Don Teto" in Santo Suarez, 10 de Octubre offer one or two rooms to your fully independent convenience, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hot and cold water, air-conditioned car garage, pool, ranchon, Jacuzzi barbecue, terraces, garden, telephone, fully equipped. Extra services, collection and transport back to the airport. Located in a very safe residential area. House protected by 24 hour security, centralized alarm and security cameras, ensuring total security in your stay. Just 10 minutes from the most central and tourist areas of Havana. They offer a very good experience for families, friends and easy product. Very comfortable, has some spectacular views of the whole city.

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Wendy Rafael Bokly Plana Autor de Luxury House in Havana Cuba. Villa Don Teto

Wendy Rafael Bokly Plana

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Habana, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

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