Hostal Lazaro y Yailin rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba

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An ideal family home to be rented by foreign tourists visiting the city of Trinidad is the hostel Lazaro y Yailin. It is located very close to the area from where excursions and horseback riding to the Valley of the Ingenios, El Cubano park, very visited by tourists who want to bathe in waterfalls and rivers with crystalline waters. The family has prepared 2 spacious rooms, air-conditioned and with windows. Both are on the first level of the house, one with capacity for 2 guests and the other with a maximum capacity for 3 people. The bathrooms of each are private, they have permanent supply of cold and hot water. The necessary elements for personal hygiene are provided by the family.
Lázaro, the host, the chef with more than 17 years of experience in hotels and palates. Lázaro prepares as a drink of the house the Don Lázaro cocktail, unique in the country because it is his own invention, which can be consumed in the bar of the house, in addition to other drinks. Do not forget to book in the house of Lázaro and Yailin, they are very friendly hosts and they help in the coordination of the walks, besides helping in the management of the next destination.

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