Hostal Ana Mary y Pablo independent house with 3 rooms in Trinidad. Cuba

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The hostel Ana Mary and Pablo rent 3 comfortable and air-conditioned rooms, with a maximum capacity of 9 people, in the form of independent house, without family. Due to its capacity, privacy and security, this lodging is an ideal option for large families and large groups of friends. This beautiful house is located in Calle Rosario, which goes directly to the House of Music, the Plaza Mayor and the best tourist attractions in the city of Trinidad. Each room has a private indoor bathroom with hot and cold standing water, provided with soap, towels, shampoo, hair dryer and toilet paper. They also have a safe and minibar stocked with soft drinks, beers and bottled water. The kitchen is equipped with all the cooking accessories, but you can also ask the owners to prepare the breakfasts and meals.
Ana Mary and Pablo, the owners, help in the management of guides, private cars, bicycles and horses for excursions around the city. Large terraces on the third level allow you to enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Caribbean monument villa. The home phone can be used free of charge for local calls and to contact the next destination.

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Ana Mary Juviel Gonzalez Autor de Hostal Ana Mary y Pablo independent house with 3 rooms in Trinidad. Cuba
Ana Mary Juviel Gonzalez

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La Habana, Camaguey, Cuba

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