Hostal Los Leo rent 2 rooms in Trinidad, Cuba.

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Located in a quiet neighborhood, with little public transportation and automotive, Hostal Los Leo is a beautiful rental house for foreign tourists. With an exquisite architectural design made by the hosts of the house, they are professionals in the construction and management of hotels in the villa. Staying in this house is an ideal option for people wishing to rest from the hustle and bustle typical of a tourist city like Trinidad. Rent 2 well-heated rooms with Split, fan and windows. Each room has an interior bathroom, each provided with towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo. The house has a large patio where a bar has been prepared and tables where you can consume drinks and dinner.
Leonardo and Maibi, the hosts, while respecting privacy are always available to help and keep informed their guests. Leonardo is a driver of an old American car, you can request this service to visit the Valley of the Wits, the beaches and many more recreational options that abound in Trinidad. Book with Leonardo and family, do not miss this opportunity.

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