Hostal Ada y Fernando renta 2 habitaciones en Trinidad, Cuba.

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Hostal Ada y Fernando is a family house, located 50 meters from the colonial train station, which provides services to the Valle de los Ingenios. The entrance to the rooms is on the portal of the house, which makes it a house with separate entrance for guests. For the rent have prepared 2 rooms well heated with split, fan; Besides having windows that allow the entrance of the natural breeze. Each room has its interior bathroom, provided with towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo. They also have a refrigerator stocked with drinks and TV. The rooms have a common balcony, overlooking the street. The garage of the house is included in the price.
Ada and Fernando, the hosts, welcome guests with fruit juices or free welcome drinks. They are respectful of privacy, but are always available to inform and recommend the main walks and attractions of the city to have a good experience in the city. They also help in managing the next destination. Ada is an excellent cook, her specialty is red bean stew.

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Fernando González Gallardo  Autor de Hostal Ada y Fernando renta 2 habitaciones en Trinidad, Cuba.
Fernando González Gallardo

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Vendedor: Fernando González Gallardo
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